[10,000 to 20,000 yen range] "Small air purifier" recommended 3 recommended & selling ranking pollen and dust countermeasures!It can be installed smartly even in a small place [March 2022]

An air purifier that removes pollen, house dust, virus, etc. to clean the air.It is also used not only for hay fever measures and eradication at this time, but also for removing the odor of concern.

シャープ「小型空気清浄機 FU-NC01-W」(出典:Amazon)、ブルーエア「空気清浄機 105534」(出典:Amazon)

This time, we will introduce three small air purifiers that can be used compactly and the selling rankings of air purifiers on shopping sites.We will introduce recommended products mainly for reasonable items under the 20,000 yen range, so please take a look.


Sharp's "small air purifier FU-NC01-W" is the smallest air purifier for 6 tatami mats among the sharp air purifiers.It is a compact design that is easy to install in a place where the dirt in the small space is worrisome, such as the entrance and pet cage.

シャープ「小型空気清浄機 ナイトライト付」(出典:Amazon)

While catching the dirt of the air with an integrated filter that combines the deodorizing function into one, release the "Plasma Cluster ion", a sharp -specific air purification technology from the outlet.It can also be expected to suppress the action of the floating virus.

【1〜2万円台】「小型空気清浄機」おすすめ3選&売れ筋ランキング 花粉やほこり対策に! 狭い場所でもスマートに設置ができる【2022年3月版】

A nice point that you can easily clean the dust attached to the sucking mouth or filter with a vacuum cleaner.The actual selling price is around 10,000 yen.


Iris Ohyama's "Air Purifier IAP-A25-W" sucks dirty air at once and cleans it quickly.At the maximum output of the air volume "strong", clean 8 tatami mats in about 25 minutes.In addition, pollen and deodorizing filters are pollen and PM2..Remove 5.

アイリスオーヤマ「空気清浄機 IAP-A25-W」(出典:Amazon)

It comes with a "good night mode" that supports a good sleep.The operation sound is 31db (decibel) in "good night mode", which is a quieter level than the library.There are 10 tatami mats and 16 tatami mats, so please choose according to the size of the place you want to use.The actual selling price is around 7000 yen for 10 tatami models, around 10,000 yen for 16 tatami models.


The Swedish air purifier brand Blue Air (BLUEAIR) is a model that is perfect for rooms up to 15 tatami mats, ideal for private rooms and studios.Blue Air's core technology "HEPASILENT Technology" strongly adsorbs pollen, dust, mold and tobacco smoke and cleans it quickly.

ブルーエア「空気清浄機 105534」(出典:Amazon)

Operation is easy because it operates just by pressing the top button.On the front of the main unit, it will inform you of the dirt condition of the air that the sensor has been dirty in three levels.

The chic color development of all five colors, such as Green and Pink, is also attractive, creating a sophisticated space.The actual selling price is around 24,000 yen.


From here, we will introduce Amazon's air purifier top5.Please check it.

Here, the ranking is aggregated based on the selling ranking (as of 16:00 on March 7, 2022).

シャープ「空気清浄機 FU-N50-W」(出典:Amazon)Amazonで詳細をチェックレボイト(Levoit)「空気清浄機 Core 300」(出典:Amazon)Amazonで詳細をチェックシャープ「加湿空気清浄機 KC-J50-H 純正イオンカートリッジ 1個入りセット」出典:Amazon)Amazonで詳細をチェックシャープ「加湿空気清浄機 KI-NS50-H」(出典:Amazon)Amazonで詳細をチェックシャープ「空気清浄機 FU-L30-W」(出典:Amazon)Amazonで詳細をチェック