The lavujur has released an elegant and luxurious swim collection.Limited novelty is also available.Corporate Release | Daily Industry Newspaper Electronic Version

Release issuance company: Berigri Co., Ltd.

ラヴィジュールより、優雅でラグジュアリーなスイムコレクションが発売。限定ノベルティもご用意。 企業リリース | 日刊工業新聞 電子版

Under the concept of "Living Sexy -Just Be Yourself", Ravijour (Lavijour, a company name: Veriguri Co., Ltd., CEO, Minoru Hattori, located: Tokyo Metropolitan: Tokyo Metropolitan:The swim collection will be released from Shibuya Ward).Limited novelty is also available.The Rovie Juru Swim Collection of this term is a vacation that colors the color of the scent based on chic black and edgy colors.In terms of functions, all two types of pads are combined, and it produces plump decollete as well as bust makeup.Limited novelty is also available for those who purchase swimwear in limited quantities.Special page: https: // goo.GL/TF1U7MSTRINGS ONE SHOULDER Bikiniset ¥ 9,800+Tax A rich color development that you want to get in different colors with a string design.A plain pad and a two -piece structure of a push -up pad cover the decollete of Bandu, which tends to be lonely.-Color development: Red/Turquoise/Black Details: https: // goo.GL/UDUQFQBUSTIER HIGH WAIST Bikiniset ¥ 12,800+Tax Vintage Mood A silhouette with attractive mood.If you can enjoy the wire bra with a sophisticated face and you can get sharp while hiding your stomach, it is a popular type of woman who emphasizes style -up.The tops back are up fastener specifications that are not only fashionable but also fit.-Color development: Black Details: https: // goo.GL/ES3BXMLACE UP SLEEVE One Piece ¥ 11,800+Lace -up on the front and sides is a bold cutting sexy and suitable for adult women.On the cup, two pieces of removable thick mold pads and thin plain pads are piled up.-Color development: Black Details: https: // goo.GL/5GXAAJCODE String Bikini Set ¥ 12,000+Tax is a popular Brazilian cut with a reversible design, which is a popular reversible design.In addition, a thick mall pad and two thin triangle pads are stacked on the cup.-Color development: White/Black Details: https: // goo.GL/E9HG69LACE UP Bikiniset ¥ 12,800+Lace -ups on the bottom side have a visual effect that emphasizes the volume of the bust and the body carbrine, respectively.The bottom is a reversible specification where you can enjoy two patterns of expressions.-Color development: Black/White Details: https: // goo.GL/C5ZODNELEGANCE SPRIT One Piece ¥ 13,800+Tax Power Net A One Piece type that brings out fetish adult charm with a bold design on the back.Curvy is fascinated by the silhouette of the one -piece silhouette that tends to be extended.-Color development: Black Details: https: // goo.GL/Jovydncrochet One Piece ¥ 13,800+Tax One -piece type that has been overwhelmingly supported by adult women, with a crochet -style knitting place and a bold side lace -up.Her cup is a thin pad on the slippery surface and two thicker triangular pads.-Color development: Black Details: https: // goo.GL/D4JGU8TROPICAL SHEER One Piece ¥ 12,800+Tax A sophisticated design that switches based on plain dress type.Cutting is designed that emphasizes style up, such as a curve on the chest that matches the roundness of the bust and a switching position that covers the stomach.-Color development: Turquoise/Pink/Black Details: https: // goo.Customers who buy GL/U18HUJ Swimware will be presented with "Original AmiAmi Back" with a drawstring inner bag.* It will end as soon as it is gone.Details: https: // goo.GL/HOYRF3RAVIJOR (Lovuijour) Season Catalog Season Catalog, which is full of Lovieji, such as cover and fashion story, can be obtained at a nationwide directly managed store.You can also make a free claim from the official web store.Details: https: // goo.GL/NSJN2ZRAVIJOUR (Lovujur) Corporate Information Co., Ltd. Beligri Co., Ltd. 150-0012 3-12-36 Hiroo Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6451-1688 FAX: 03-6451-1689Instagram HTTPS: // https: // https: // https://www.YouTube.Com/CHANNEL/Uchehl7f7Ulrtbx1LQ1I5HGG Corporate Press Release to PrTIMES Top


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