What are the benefits of riding a Civic with a wreath?Can you aim for advanced grade?

When purchasing a new car, it is necessary to prepare not only the vehicle itself, but also the cost for registration of the vehicle.The costs required at the time of registration vary depending on the car, but in the case of ordinary cars, there are many cases where it takes about hundreds of thousands of yen.Honda "Civic" is a car that costs more than 3 million yen even at the cheapest grade, so various expenses are reasonable.

In that regard, there is no down payment, and the costs of registration are possible for car leasing, which is included in the monthly leasing fee, and you may get a Civic life with less burden.Here are some of the reasons and benefits that leases are recommended for riding a Civic.

[Points of this article] ✔ Fixed -amount Carmo -kun can ride Civic from 41,410 yen per month. ✔ Car leasing does not require initial costs, and can be used for a fixed amount, including maintenance costs, and various benefits ✔ Civic is fun to drive.Recommended for those who want to taste

Car leasing is a car subscription service.Subscription is a mechanism that is a fixed -rate monthly contract, such as mobile phones and music distribution services.

For this reason, the owner of the car is a leasing company, but the great advantage is that users can use cars freely like their own car or choose a new car they want to ride.First of all, we will introduce the reason why car leasing is advantageous and the amount of Civic for each contract.

Car leasing that can get in a car more than a car loan

Both car loans and car leases are paid in a monthly split and riding a new car, but car loans are repaid for purchased funds borrowed from financial institutions when purchasing a car, whereas car leases are owners.There is a difference in the usage fee paid to a lease company.

There is also a difference in monthly payment contents.Car loans only divide the borrowed vehicle price, but car leases include maintenance costs such as taxes and liability insurance premiums in addition to vehicle usage fees.

Car loans need to bear the maintenance costs separately from the monthly repayment amount, but car leases are included in the monthly rates, making payments flat and riding a new car at a less car loan.can.


Which is better for car leasing or purchasing?I compared it with a simulation!

Cur leases vary on monthly payments depending on the number of years of contract, and in general, the longer the contract period, the lower the monthly payment, but the terminations are not allowed in principle, so the contract period and payment are not allowed.It is necessary to consider the balance of the amount well.

Here, based on the cost of using the Civic in the "Otok and Frequent Calmo -kun", which has a contract period of 11 years with the longest in the industry (March 2020, a flat -rate Carmo -kun), based on the price of the contract, depending on the number of years of contract.Here's how much monthly payments change.The grade is a 6MT car of "LX" and simulates without adding "Options to get" or maintenance plan.

The following monthly charges are the price of Komi Komi, the various taxes and liability insurance premiums.


* The amount is as of January 24, 2022

Try simulating the Civic fee

What are the benefits of getting a Civic with a wreath?

Leasing has a variety of benefits, such as being able to use a car with a monthly expenditure and a transfer to the life stage.In addition, let's take a look at the benefits you need to know when leasing the Civic.

In addition, the monthly fee for leasing is calculated by dividing by dividing the value (residual value) at the time of return from the vehicle price by the contract period, so it can be used cheaply even if there are various expenses such as taxes.increase.

In order to maintain a car, various expenses such as tax, insurance premiums, and maintenance costs will be incurred.However, leasing does not have to worry about sudden expenses because the monthly fee is included in their costs.During the contract period, it can be used at a fixed amount, making it easier to manage households.

Buying a car requires an initial cost such as down payment, but leasing does not require that cost.Therefore, you can ride a new car even if it is difficult to prepare a large amount of money.

Normally, a declaration of expensive shopping such as cars is required to depreciate, and it is not possible to record the full amount at once.However, leases can be recorded as expenses as they are, like the flat -rate service (only when used in business).

The other benefits of car leasing include:


What is car leasing?Thorough explanation of the real advantages and demerits and car leasing!

Immediately check the car leasing site

It is a car lease that can be used for your favorite new car, but there are some disadvantages.

・ Cur leases with mileage restrictions have a monthly mileage limit for each lease company, and if it exceeds, a burden of over -expenditure or a reduction of residual value may be incurred.In addition, there is no mileage limit for a fixed -rate Carmo -kun of Curlease for more than 7 years.Even those who frequently use cars for commuting or work, or those who travel a lot of long distances, you will be able to enjoy car life with confidence.

・ When returning, it is necessary to recover the original state. In the car leasing, the car will be returned to the lease company at the end of the contract period.At that time, it is necessary to restore scratches and dents and restore the original state.Therefore, we cannot do customization that cannot be restored.In that regard, the flat -rate Carmo -kun of the car leasing will compensate for the restoration cost of returning it by joining the maintenance plan.In addition, if you attach a "option to get a car" at the end of the contract, you will not need to return it, so you will increase the degree of freedom, such as customization.

・ Cur lease usage fees that cannot be canceled in principle are divided by the contract years of the amount of residual value from the main unit price, so the remaining amount may be charged at once.When considering car leasing, it is important to understand the disadvantages.

Is "Civic" a really suitable car?Thoroughly introduce Civic!

Source: Honda "Civic" design color

Honda "Civic" is a global model that represents Honda, and its current model debuted in September 2021 is the 11th generation.

For those who are worried about choosing a car in a car lease or want to know more about Civic, here are some of the charms of the Civic, such as fuel economy and grades.

[Civic charm] ✔ ✔ ✔

The current Civic is given the concept of "exhilarating Civic", and is developed with the aim of being "exhilarating" as well as drivers.

Acquisition 1 that realizes the driving performance that you want to expect Civic 1.The 5L direct injection VTEC turbo engine achieves acceleration and growth as the driver expected.In addition, we have set a 6 -speed manual transmission that is nice for those who are particular about running.

The sporty and sophisticated exterior design is a special point.The flowing form without discomfort even if it is called a coupe expresses modern beauty.In addition, it not only follows the tradition of successive Civic, but also evolves further, enlarging the glass area to achieve an open room space, making it feel refreshed not only in running but also in living space.Is a feature of the current Civic.

There are two types of Civic grade: the basic grade "LX" and the advanced grade "EX", which is a simple grade configuration.

In the current Civic, all grades are equipped with new generation connected technology "Honda Connect", and "Honda Connect Display + ETC2, which is essential for utilizing the connected technology..0 In -vehicle equipment is standard equipment, and the connected service "Honda Total Care Premium" can be used.

Source: Honda "Civic" type list

Although "LX" is a basic grade, it has a standard equipment with inline type LED headlights and 18 -inch aluminum wheels, and is not inferior to the advanced grade in the exterior.

Left and right independent temperature control type Full auto air conditioners, Honda smart key systems, push engine start/stop switches, charging USB jacks, etc. are also substantial, and there is almost no inconvenience due to daily use.prize.

Source: Honda "Civic" type list

In "EX", in addition to the driver's seat and passenger seats become power seats, there are many equipment that further enhances the comfort of the drive, such as rear ventilation, plasma cluster technology, and wireless charger.

The biggest feature is that the Bose Premium Sound System (12 speakers), which uses Bose's own surround technology "CentralPoint", will be standard equipment.It is a hospitality equipment unique to advanced grade.

Click here to see the grade information in more detail

Source: Honda "Civic" Indoor space

In addition to securing a wide horizontal viewing angle by making the belt line low and horizontal, the Civic has a wide horizontal viewing angle, and the distance between crews is expanded, and no matter which seat you sit in any seat, all the crew will feel oppression.It is considered to be able to relax in an open space.

The interior is based on black regardless of grade, creating a room space that makes you feel the unique sportyness of the Civic.In addition, genuine leather is used for steering wheels, and the instrument panel is a punching metal air conditioner outlet, and the quality is firmly expressed.Seat materials and meters vary depending on the grade.


Source: Honda "Civic" design color

The "LX" seat material is prime smooth x fabric.The meter is a 7 -inch digital graphic meter.

Source: Honda "Civic" design color

In the advanced grade "EX", the seat material is upgraded to the combination of prime smooth x ultra -raw ®, and prime smoothing is also used for door rinning.It is also important that red stitches have been added to the indoor sore area, creating aggressiveness.

The meter is larger and increased visibility 10.A 2 -inch digital graphic meter is adopted to enhance the progress.

Click here to see the interior information in more detail

The engine adopted in the Civic has a maximum output of 182ps and a maximum torque of 240 nm..It is a 5L direct injection VTEC turbo engine, and the drive system is only 2WD.

The Civic WLTC mode catalog fuel economy and actual fuel consumption are as follows.


Civic does not differ from transmission in catalog fuel economy, but there is a difference in actual fuel consumption.In WLTC mode, the actual fuel consumption is 1 to 1 than the catalog specifications.Since it is generally worsening by about 50 %, it may be said that the difference between the catalog fuel efficiency of the CVT vehicle and the actual fuel efficiency of the CVT vehicle is now large.

Click here to see more about fuel economy information

The Civic has a standard equipped with Honda's proud driving support system "Honda Sensing", and all vehicles have been certified as "Sapaccar S Wide", as well as a wide horizontal angle of front wide view camera on detection systems.In addition, a state -of -the -art type that combines the front and rear sonar sensors that detects non -metals such as glass and walls with high accuracy, enhances safety than the predecessor model.

The "traffic jam assist" adopted from the current model detects preceding vehicles when driving, such as when congestion on a highway that is easy to feel stressed, to keep up to stop while maintaining a safe between vehicles, and further steering operations.It is a function that assists with CVT vehicles as standard.

In addition, the Civic is a "collision reduction brake" that can detect a bicycle in which pedestrians and people ride in addition to the vehicle, "Near -range collision reduction brake that detects obstacles at low speed and controls the brake if there is danger.In addition to lanes, many advanced safety technologies, such as the "out of the road -off function", which can recognize grass and gravel as a road boundary.

Click here for more information about Civic safety performance

Civic adopts manual transmissions for all grades.In addition, it has an acceleration performance that has been aged, which has been aged, so it can be said that it is the best one for those who want to realize the fun of driving in daily car life.

In addition, the latest "HONDA SENSING" is adopted, and it is also attractive.It is a model that can be recommended for those who do not want to compromise on preventive safety that will be a reassuring ally of the situation.

How to lease "Civic"?

Source: Honda "Civic" design color

There are various types of car lease services for individuals.The manufacturers, models, and contracts that are handled for each lease company are different, so some people may not know which one to choose.For such people, we will introduce the lease companies that handle the Civic, what you want to be aware of when you actually sign up for car leasing, and the flow of car leasing.

・ Carcon car leasing “Moro Komi” car lease service “Moro Komi” of the carcombini club can select a variety of models from mini vehicles to commercial vehicles.

In addition, the contract period can be selected from two types, "Moro Komi 7" for 7 years and "Moro Komi 9" for 9 years.Options plans include car accessories sets that are indispensable for driving, such as car navigation systems and ETCs, and maintenance packs that are indispensable for maintaining cars.

・ Cosmo My Curlyus Cosmo Oil Curryis Service “Cosmo My Car Lease” features a fuel discount for gas stations.If there is no maintenance pack, a discount of 1 yen/L is set, and a discount of up to 5 yen/L is set for each level with maintenance packs.

In addition, the lease period can be selected from three years, 5 years, and seven years, and you can also select a down payment or bonus payment, so you can choose a plan according to the situation at the time of contract.

・ Frequently carm of carmo -kun for your own car

"Chart -car flat -rate Carmo -kun" is also recommended for busy people because you can complete the procedure online until the screening application.In addition, since all models of domestic manufacturers and all grades are available, it is possible to select models that other leasing companies, such as higher grades and special specification vehicles, can be selected.

The contract period is wide, from the shortest one year to the longest in the industry (March 2020, a flat -rate Carmo -kun), and is a contract style that is easy to match with a life plan.For those who are worried about maintenance costs, there is also a maintenance plan that can make a fixed amount of maintenance and vehicle inspection basic fees, so you can enjoy car life with confidence.

[Thorough comparison] 3 popular recommended private car lease companies!What is a really good lease company?

There are two types of car leasing contracts: open -end and closed end, and depending on the contract method, you may be expensive.Therefore, it is important to check carefully at the time of contract.

・ In the case of an open -end contract open -end contract, the contractor specifies the value of the vehicle at the end of the leasing contract (the price when sold as a used car) is specified to the contractor, and the vehicle price is subtracted from the vehicle price.Calculate the monthly fee.In addition, at the time of the expiration of the contract, the assessment will be performed at the market price and the condition of the car at that time, and the difference from the residual value will be settled.

The value of a car decreases as the number of years and mileage increase.Therefore, if the residual price is overloaded too high, the difference may be incurred and the cost may be charged.

Note that there are cases where the trouble with the lease company that employs an open -end contract has been charged a high cost because the value of the return timing has dropped from expected.

・ Closed end contract closed end contract is a contract method that does not worry about additional charges due to residual value.As with the open -end contract, the value of the vehicle at the end of the leasing contract is set in advance, but we do not settle the residual value due to the fluctuation of the market price.Therefore, the remaining price is not specified at the time of contract.

In addition, "Charmo -kun, a flat -rate car mine" uses a closed end contract, so you can use it with confidence.

Generally, leasing applications are made online or telephone.In addition, the screening depends on the vehicle type for 2-3 days, depending on the model, but it often takes about one and a half to two months, and there are also exchanges of documents by mail, so it is possible to proceed with plenty of time.it's recommended.

Here, we will introduce the flow of using leasing based on the flow of application in "Frequent Carmo -kun by Toku".

Click here if you want to know the flow of the fixed -rate Calmo -kun

Frequently carmo -kun's confidence

There are various leasing companies, but if you handle all the models and all grades, you can contract in any grade or color Civic.You can ride the Civic from 41,410 yen a month.

In addition, we will introduce the charm of the flat -rate Calmo -kun you want to know, such as being able to maintain a vehicle inspection with an option plan, and the option to get a car at the time of the expiration of the contract.

The flat -rate Carmo -kun handles all models and all grades of domestic manufacturers, so you can ride a new car with a manufacturer warranty.You can freely select and customize your grade, body color, and options, so you can enjoy car life freely like a private car.

Also, if you do not know what kind of car you want to choose, you will be able to find the best one that suits your life plan and lifestyle because the car selection professional will give you advice based on the desired conditions.Feel free to consult anything about cars, such as wanting to go out with a family or friend with a large number of people, want to use it as a hobby, or want a car at a low price anyway.

"Chart -cared Carmo -kun" does not require initial costs such as down payment or bonus payment, so you can lease only monthly usage fees.

Lease charges include tax (type discount), taxes such as vehicle weight tax, and liability insurance premiums, so there is no sudden expense and household management is easy.

In addition, we have a maintenance plan that can be selected with a flat -rate Carmo -kun.In addition to being able to make a fixed maintenance fee to a fixed amount, you can perform vehicle inspections and inspections at a designated major maintenance shop of more than 30,000 stores nationwide, so you can save time to search for stores and compare estimates.

Click here if you want to know more about the maintenance plan.

The return of the car at the end of the contract, which was said to be a major disadvantage of car leasing, but the flat -rate Carmo -kun offers a "option to get a car" after the expiration of the car leasing contract.

By adding 500 yen to the monthly fee, you can join the option to get a car.The subscription condition is a contract for more than 7 years, and all models are eligible.This is a plan that allows you to continue using a leasing car as a private car without worrying about recovery from the lease contract.

Car leasing generally restricts the per -month mileage to avoid the risk of the value of the car at the time of return.However, the flat -rate Carmo -kun has no mileage limit for more than 7 years.Even if you use a car frequently or a long -distance travel, you will be able to use the car life with a feeling closer to your car by being able to use it without worrying about the mileage.

If you get on the Civic, it is decided with a flat -rate Calo -kun!

If you want to get on a new car, you have to buy it.With the generalization of subscription services for various services and items, such as music, videos, and clothes, the number of car leases, which can be said to be the subscription service of cars, is increasing.

In addition to the initial cost, you can get into the car with a flat -rate system, the flat -rate Carmo -kun will ultimately be able to make the Civic a private car with the addition of the "option you can get", and summarize most maintenance costs in the maintenance plan.There are also benefits.

As one of the ways to ride the Civic while reducing the burden, why not use the car leasing?


A: The monthly fee varies depending on the contract period, and the monthly costs are reduced as long -term settings, but it is important to note that you can not cancel during the middle."Otok and Frequent Calmo -kun", which has a 11 -year contract settings for the longest in the industry (March 2020, a flat -rate Carmo -kun), is the longest 11 -year contract to ride a new car in the 40,000 yen per month.can.

A: Car leasing is a subscription service for cars that can ride a new car on a flat -rate system without initial costs.It is a great advantage that a new car Civic can be used like a car without a heavy burden as at the time of purchase.With the flat -rate Carmo -kun, the cost of maintenance can be compiled into a lease fee with the addition of option plans.

A: Civic has a manual transmission setting, and it can be said to be a perfect model for those who want to enjoy driving.Because it adopts the latest "Honda Sensing", it is also recommended for those who are particular about the safety of cars.

* This article is produced with information as of December 2021.