It's been a long time! A 3-month-old baby... What moms and dads care about Part 1 #20

[Childcare Q&A to help new mothers] vol. 20

A 3-month-old baby, things to worry about Part 1

First childcare. My child is cute, but anxiety and troubles are constantly springing up. For such new moms, we will solve the concerns of this time!

Since the skin is thinner than adults and the blood vessels are transparent, it naturally disappears as they grow.

Infant seborrheic eczema is unique to babies at this age. Sebum is hard and sticky, so don't try to remove it by force.

A baby's nasal mucosa is more sensitive than an adult's. Dry air quickly dries up mucous membranes. Humidify the room with a humidifier.

Long time! Three months old Baby...Things Mommy and Daddy are Worried about Part 1 #20

Crying is a baby's job, so you need to be prepared to some extent. As a method, you can calm down by wrapping your body with swaddles.

It's an epithelial pearl. Milk teeth are formed little by little in the jaw, but some of the tissue that remains without being absorbed in the process may appear on the surface of the gums. It disappears naturally and there is no harm to the body even if swallowed.

Babies don't like cold things just because they're hot. If it's cold, you won't drink it, or if you drink it, it will upset your stomach, so please warm it up to body temperature as usual.

A sore throat will cause a cough. I think babbling is basically practice speaking out loud, so please communicate with them.


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