Where does the idea of "sick people who are worth living" come from?

It was a way home one day.It was a terrible idea, but the powerful idea of capturing my heart came to my mind.

There is pain and body pain.You will not be able to go to the bathroom, and you will not be able to talk clearly because your consciousness is stunned.

If everyone is in such a situation, it would be easier to die early, would it be happy for both patients and families?At last, I came to think about that.

Hospice reality

He started working in Hospice 16 years ago, 16 years ago, to save the patient a little from the suffering of cancer.


I had been a career for only six years since I became a doctor, but I felt that it was more suitable to be involved with people and continue to worry rather than learning medical technology.

I moved to Kobe from Nagoya and moved to Kobe and started working in Hospice.With the workplace I wanted, I started working lively.In Hospice, as described in various books, I was sure that those who are spending their own time looking at the last days are recuperating.

But the reality was different.

The large hospitals in Kobe are full of beds, and there are not enough beds to be hospitalized.For this reason, patients who have been hospitalized for a long time will not only be able to see a new patient if they do not move to another hospital as soon as possible, but they will not be able to be hospitalized for two weeks now because the income of the hospital will decrease.

At a large hospital, a patient who falls at home and says, "If the time comes, you will move to another hospital."

Unrecoverable patients with cancer are required by hospital staff to transfer to Hospice, regardless of whether they or their families want or do not want them.At a large hospital, you can't stay in the hospital until you die.Even if you are bedridden in bed, you are currently transferred.

And in the hospice where I worked, I accepted many terminal cancer patients.I always interviewed my family before I was hospitalized.At that time, when I asked, "Why did you move to Hospice?", The answer was "I was told to leave the hospital from the hospital."That was.