Zojirushi, a steam humidifier that is easy to place in bedrooms and studios

Zojirushi Mahobin will release the "Steam Humidifier EE-DC Type" on September 1st, which is a wide-mouthed container that does not require a filter and is easy to clean. The lineup includes the EE-DC35, which has a floor area of ​​up to 10 tatami mats, and the EE-DC50, which has a floor area of ​​up to 13 tatami mats. The price is an open price. Estimated store prices are around 18,000 yen and around 19,000 yen, respectively.

"EE-DC35" for 10 tatami mats to "EE-DC50" for 13 tatami mats

A steam humidifier that humidifies a room by cooling boiled clean steam to about 65°C. Both are available in two colors, white and gray, and can be selected according to the interior color of the room.

The amount of humidification can be selected from 3 levels of "Firm / Standard / Moderate", and the dual sensor of humidity sensor and room temperature sensor automatically controls comfortable humidity. The continuous humidification time is powerful with 8 hours or more at strong operation, and it is said that it can humidify the winter room where the air is dry.

Zojirushi, place it in your bedroom or studio Easy-to-use steam humidifier

It has a filterless humidification structure that adopts the same structure as the pot, and it is easy to clean because it is a fluorine-treated wide-mouthed container. Water supply can be quickly poured by opening the lid like a pot.

In addition, it is equipped with a "child lock", a "lid open/close lock", and a "overturn prevention structure" that minimizes water leakage when the main unit is knocked over, making it ideal for homes with pets and small children. It is said that you can use it with confidence.

The body size of "EE-DC35" is about 240 x 275 x 325 mm (width x depth x height). It weighs about 2.7kg. The amount of humidification is 350ml/hour. The water tank capacity is about 3L. The body size of "EE-DC50" is about 240 x 275 x 365 mm (same). It weighs about 2.9kg. The amount of humidification is 480ml/hour. The water tank capacity is about 4L. Power consumption is 985W when boiling water, and 305W/410W when humidifying. Cord length is 1.2m.