Smart speaker "Big" is a non -warranted love: "Sumaspi" Talking Square

About two months have passed since the smart speaker came.It's not like a smartphone, but it's a bit futuristic and fun to replace it just by tweeting when you suddenly come up in a room.That's why I have been "bifurcated".


I always use "Google Home Mini" and "Amazon Echo Dot".I really want to narrow down to one, but for now it is difficult.Google Home can search for things you don't know on Wikipedia, or you can display content on TV in conjunction with Chromecast, but you can't shop on Amazon.

The other services that can be used on Google Home and Amazon Echo are quite different.Usually, you can decide which one to use based on the function you want to use in your daily life, but I'm an indecisive man.You can't choose one of the fun Sumaspi dawn.I want to be dating both.But there is no such thing as that much.It is troublesome to occupy two outlets.


At present, Google's smart speakers are "Google Home" and "Google Home Mini", and Amazon's smart speakers are "Amazon Echo" and "Amazon Echo Dot" and "Amazon Echo Plus".

Of these, the model with "mini" and "dot" is a small model, and the output as a speaker is weak, but there is a powerful advantage that can be supplied by Micro USB.


Other models require a dedicated AC adapter.In other words, one outlet is occupied per unit.In my home, I want to reduce the consumption of outlets as much as possible recently, and it is a little wasteful to prepare two power supply supplies on smart speakers.

So I used to use a forked micro USB cable.As a legendary wireless LAN cable exists, cables that humans can imagine are usually sold on Amazon -immediately ordered this cable from Amazon via a PC browser.This one is faster than ordering with a voice.

二股Micro USBケーブル二股した!

Connect the forked bifurcated cable to Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot.The result is good.We got an environment where both USB ports can supply power at the same time.

5V / 1 for Google Home Mini power supply on the specifications sheet.I need 8a.The Amazon Echo Dot is not listed, but the specification of the attached AC adapter is 5V / 1.Because it is 8A, you can think of it the same.When I actually measured it with a simple current checker, all of them were 0..I was consuming about 3A.There seems to be no problem if you do not play music at a loud volume.

I "Hey Google (Press the Echo Dot action button at the same time), wake up at 8:00 in the morning"

Google & Amazon "I set an alarm at 8:00 am"

I received a tsukkomi from a colleague, "I guess it's the same thing you are doing using two," but there is a cause as a reporter as a reporter who says, "I want to always prepare a function comparison."How is it?

Bifurcation (using a cable) is likely to be out of guarantee.Smazy's cheating is at his own risk.

"Like the" Big Socks "invented by Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, for a long time in Japan, bifurcation was an important technology.

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