Connect the site of marine education such as elementary and junior high schools / Tomoshi Tanaka, Graduate School of Education, Marine Education Center


Connect the site of marine education such as elementary and junior high schools

センター長 田中智志教育学研究科教授TANAKA Satoshi

A marine education center in which educational experts and marine studies have joined hands and developed and promoted marine education curriculum in primary and secondary education.The director who has led this initiative for 12 years will introduce the contents and thoughts of its activities.

Connect the site of marine education such as elementary and junior high schools/田中智志 教育学研究科附属海洋教育センター

In 2010, the Marine Education Promotion Research Center was launched in the Marine Alliance to create a network that connects the site of marine education.This center was reorganized in the Graduate School of Education in 2019 as a predecessor.

In the past, the sea seemed to be an infinite processing device, which was wrong.When the sea absorbs the heat of the atmosphere warmed by greenhouse gases, typhoons and tropical cyclones increase, and drought and desertification occur inland.Warming is a sea problem rather than an atmosphere.It is not just a science and not a social department or a moral problem.

There is a special education school that can form a special curriculum beyond the course of learning.We have called on special schools nationwide to implement a curriculum using the sea.In a Japanese language, read a novel depicting the sea, examine the impact on fisheries in social studies, think about climate mechanisms in science, and learn sea songs in music.With the sea as the core, each subject is placed around, and vertical divisions pass through the sea for basic school education.Currently, 40 schools are being implemented nationwide, mainly schools near the sea, such as Okinawa and Kesennuma.

The national marine education summit that has been implemented every year counts eight times.Inviting students and teachers from schools who are eager to marine education as well as special schools, posters that write the contents of the exploration are posted on the corridor of Yasuda Auditorium, and students are presenting.There are about 800 participants every year.The local version of the event is also developed in Omuta in Fukuoka, Kesennuma and Yono -cho in Tohoku.

We have also focused on publishing businesses that make textbooks, secondary readings, and teaching materials for teachers.This is to create an example content, and use it to create materials that make use of local characteristics, such as putting creatures in the local sea.In recent years, we have been actively developing video teaching materials for the general public.

The formation of marine education philosophy is also an important role in the center.The purpose of marine education is not to transmit sea knowledge, but human formation through marine literacy.So what is the humanity to be nurtured?The idea that humans control nature has become stronger since modern times, but on the other hand, it can be regarded as living with the benefits of the sea.I would like to activate this Japanese view of nature.

The keywords are "Matrix" and "Habitability".The sea is the mother of all life and the basis for life to survive.While humans have forgotten these two points, we must recognize the reality of being in a crisis.It is necessary to capture the sea as a living together, not the object to be operated.Caring for people and cherishing the sea and caring for the sea is the two wheels of education.

Some people say that human beings are harmful to the global environment, while humans are definitely vectors that go beyond ego.The idea that humans are evil are because humans are not evil.You have to believe that you are going in the right direction little by little while holding both sides and keep running.