Rumba comparison of all current models!A home appliance professional asserts one recommended for you

A cleaning robot Rumba who works hard every day even if humans do nothing.There is a feeling that it has been established in Japan, but there are many models sold when it is purchased, "What is different for each model?" "Why is there so much price difference?"What should I choose based on?" Various questions come up.

So, in this article, starting from the basic knowledge of "What is Rumba in the first place?", Explanations of points to be emphasized when choosing Rumba, 5 major models (Rumba 643, Rumba E5, Rumba 960, Rumba 960,Details of the comparison of the specs of Rumba i7, Rumba i7+)!Mr. Sonoko Toida, a professional selection of home appliances, who is widely used in magazines and television, explained in detail.

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Home appliance coordinator

Sonoko Toida

Active in magazines and television.The criticism of a sharp product from the consumer perspective has gained the hot support of readers.We actually use many robot vacuum cleaners, including Rumba, and are familiar with robot vacuum cleaners.

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In the first place, what is Rumba?

What are the common features and functions of Rumba?

5 points for purchasing Rumba

Introducing the current model of the Rumba at once!

Rumba current model comparison table

In the first place, what is Rumba?

Rumba is a vacuum cleaner robot of IROBOT (iRobot) established in 1990 by robot scholars of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).It is said to be the world's first practical home robot that has been diverted the technology cultivated by the military multipurpose work robot "Packbot" manufactured by Irobot.As I mentioned later, the point is that Rumba is not a "home appliance" but a "robot".

After such roots, the first Rumba appeared in the United States in 2002.It combines the floor wiping robot "Brava", which can be wiped and cleaned with a cross by pressing the button, and boasts a total of more than 25 million units worldwide.The land in Japan was the same as the debut in 2002.In Japan, where the area per room is smaller than in Europe and the United States, the spread was questioned, but the convenience of cleaning with one button was gradually expanded.Ilobot's home robots have been shipped more than 3 million units in Japan.

"Unlike fully automatic washing machines that humans have to put in and out, Rumba is a product that can leave the whole housework of cleaning.It will also be cleaned and will come back. In other words, it is the same as outsourcing of housework and outsourcing, and it is still a robot rather than home appliances.

Japanese home appliance manufacturers have released robot vacuum cleaners, but the reason for choosing Rumba is certain technical skills and long -established sense of security, that is, brand power.The reason why the status of Rumba does not shake is that it is smart to explain easily.Every robot vacuum cleaner is not much different from simply sucking dust, but if the bed cover or curtains are hanging, the products of other manufacturers will be recognized as walls and return to the base.But Rumba goes under it and cleans it.The remaining dust is overwhelmingly small.

Such judgments come from the difference in experience.The latter can move more efficiently between a robot that has only 100 cases and a robot with 10,000 cases.Even though the simple cleaning power such as suction power is the same, the Rumba is dominant in the world of robot vacuum cleaners due to the difference between experience and brain.

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What are the common features and functions of Rumba?

Rumba has pioneered a new genre called a robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the room with auto.Compared to the first generation, various parts have evolved, but the technology that is the core of Rumba is "running" and "suction".

In the current model, dozens of sensors understand the surrounding space and detect the location of walls and obstacles, garbage and dust.The high -speed response process "IADAPT", which allows artificial intelligence to make more than 60 times per second and select the optimal operation from more than 40 behavior patterns, realizes ideal driving.The following video is a promotion movie of the top model i7.The "smartness" is emphasized.

There are three wheels, front wheels and left and right drive wheels, and run over a rug or threshold on the floor, and run lightly.Also, if the remaining battery level decreases during cleaning, return to the home base automatically and charge it.If you have a higher -end model, it also has a function to go to the place where you were cleaning again and resume cleaning.

Another key to Rumba, "suction", uses the "AeroForce cleaning system" for the latest model.The rubber roller "Dual Action Brush" makes the garbage up, and a small high -power motor creates a vacuum inside the rumba and sucks garbage.Chile and dust that have entered the gap between the flooring and carpet will not be missed.

In addition, garbage, which is difficult to remove in the corner of the room or the corner of the room, has an edge cleaning brush that pops out from the side.The first roll brush in the center of the main unit floats, the second brush rotates in reverse, so reliably remove the trash, and finally sucks powerfully.This "three -step cleaning system" is also a unique technology of Rumba.

"What is common to each model of Rumba is that you think about yourself, drive and clean. The purpose is to suck garbage, but it is a major feature that Rumba itself is not a human.Is very well -balanced between judgment and gathering power, and the final cleaning power is high. It's a long -established robot vacuum cleaner, but it's a trend leader. ")

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A home appliance professional talks about 5 points to be aware of when purchasing Rumba

Let's check the precautions when actually purchasing Rumba.First of all, pay attention to the model number.Even if you say "Rumba", the performance and functions differ depending on the model number.Rumba has been evolving, such as the "600" series, the "700" series, the "800" series, and the "900" series.Basically, the larger the model number, the higher the model.

However, this rule has changed from the Rumba E5 released in 2018, and the Rumba i7 series released in 2019 is now the highest model.Five models are currently available in the official online store: Rumba i7+, Rumba i7, Rumba E5, Rumba 960, and Rumba 643.If you want to buy other types of fallen products, sale items, etc., look at the model number and check the specifications.

Rumba 6432018年8月3万2270円
Rumba E52018年10月5万3870円
Rumba 9602016年8月7万5470円
Rumba i72019年2月10万7870円
Rumba i7+2019年3月14万270円

"Rumba is currently selling five major models. The part that automatically cleans it is the same, but if it is a higher -level model, the useful function will increase. For example, the highest model Rumba i7+,The garbage that Rumba sucks automatically accumulates in the clean basin, so you can spend time without thinking about cleaning for a month. One of the criteria for choosing the Rumba choice is what you want to leave to Rumba. The rest is maintenance.It is also a decisive factor, how much is it better to have artificial intelligence, how much budget can be made? "(Mr. Toida).

According to Mr. Toyoda, the points of the choice of Rumba are the following five items.

Let's look in order.

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Rumba's artificial intelligence "IADAPT" detects the room size, shape, and garbage with sensors and cleans it.There are differences in the version of "IADAPT" depending on the model, and Rumba 643 and Rumba E5 are the basic "high -speed response process IADAPT".This is suitable for houses with a small number of rooms, such as 1LDK.

Rumba 960 recognizes the entire floor with a camera in addition to the sensor.0 Visual localization.It is not the top, but multiple rooms have as much ability to clean at the same time.

And the highest series Rumba i7 and Rumba i7+are "IADAPT 3", which learns the layout of the room and remember up to 10 rooms..0 Visual localization is installed.When you return to the home base, you forget the layout of the room "IADAPT 2."IADAPT 3" from "0"."0" is better, but if the number of rooms is small, it will be over -spec.

↑ Rumba 960 running.Since cleaning of multiple rooms is also done, it is recommended for layouts over 2LDK.

● Mr. Toida's advice

"The first thing to think about when choosing a rumba is to cover the whole house or whether you only need to be the room you are. The top i7 series has a major feature of learning the layout.If you want to leave multiple rooms at once in a large apartment, the i7 series is valid. However, the price will rise, so in the case of a studio, you do not need to select the top model.The model that matches will change depending on how much you want to clean with one of them. "

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Rumba cleaning efficiency varies greatly depending on the version of the artificial intelligence "IADAPT".Rumba 643 and Rumba E5's "High -speed response process IADAPT" judge the room status using only sensors, and run randomly, so the cleaning movement will be wasted.On the other hand, "IADAPT 2.If it is more than 0, a camera will be installed and cleans while checking the floor plan on the floor.Rumba itself is more accurate to determine where it is now or where the room has not been cleaned, which improves the efficiency of movement.If you want cleaning efficiency, we recommend the top three models, Rumba i7+, Rumba i7, and Rumba 960.

● Mr. Toida's advice

"The top three models move as if drawing a beautiful line, but the lower two models, Rumba 643 and Rumba E5, run randomly. There are also useless movements, but the Rumba E5 is about 90 maximum operating time.Because it is long and long, it covers its weaknesses. "IADAPT 3.Rumba i7 and Rumba i7+with 0] have a quick judgment speed, and they have less overlooked and misunderstanding.

Nevertheless, I think that there is no problem with the robot vacuum cleaner even if it takes some time to clean, so I think there are enough options of Rumba 960, which is about 30,000 yen cheaper than Rumba i7.However, when it comes to Rumba 643, it's dull ...If you compare, Rumba 643 and Rumba E5 are junior high school students.Move around the body and clean it.On the other hand, Rumba 960 is a high school student, so he has some judgment.And the Rumba i7 series can make a map of the room as a college student, and learn the floor plan.It may be easier to understand if you get this image with this image (Mr. Tokida)

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The four models other than Rumba 643 correspond to Wi-Fi, and can set various settings from smartphones using the dedicated application "IROBOT HOME App".It is also possible to set the cleaning start time according to the life rhythm, can be customized for remote control from the go, and the cleaning mode setting.In particular, the schedule function automatically starts cleaning at the set time once a day, so it is convenient without pressing the button.It also supports smart speakers Google Home and Amazon Echo, making it easy to start cleaning and stopped by voice.

In addition, the Rumba 960 and the Rumba i7 series are also equipped with a function called "Clean Map Report".This is a function that allows you to visualize the cleaning area and intensive cleaning on the smartphone screen.In the Rumba i7 series, you can remember up to 10 rooms with "IMPRINT Smart Mapping", and you can control which room to clean and when to clean and when to clean the schedule.Whether you want to use a smartphone efficiently using a smartphone is one of the points of choosing a model.

● Mr. Toida's advice

ルンバ現行全機種を比較! あなたにおすすめの1台を家電のプロが断言

"The top four models correspond to the schedule settings. Rumba E5 is later than Rumba 643, so it is equipped with a basic" IADAPT "that runs randomly, but the Wi-Fi compatible part has evolved.Even so, Rumba E5 has inferior detailed functions, such as the function of mapping the floor plan and the garbage full sign, so if you want to manage the rumba completely using the app, the i7 series, for the time being.If you want to use a function, it will be Rumba 643 if you do not need to collaborate with Rumba 960, Rumba E5, and smartphone "(Mr. Toida)

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Because it is used on a daily basis, it may be a standard for model selection because it seems to be the hassle of care and maintenance of the Rumba itself.The standard model Rumba 643 uses two rotating brushes with short hair, so it has a hard time removing the entangled hair and lint.The four more models are rubber dual action brushes, and there is no need for maintenance.In addition, the conventional Rumba 643 and Rumba 960 contain a motor in the dust container, so it can only be wiped even if it gets dirty, but from the Rumba E5 and the Rumba i7 series, the dust container can be washed as it is.The cleanliness has increased.

● Mr. Toida's advice

"If you turn the body upside down, you can see that the specifications of the brush are different. Only the 600 series has a hair brush, and the top four other models have rubber dual action brushes. Hair brush is still hair brush.Because it is involved, the maintenance of the main unit alone will take time.

Colin Angle, the founder of Irobot, said, "It is nonsense that the vacuum cleaner is a tool for cleaning, but it takes time to clean the vacuum cleaner."Rumba is aggressive in evolving maintenance and hassle, except for the 600 series, is a rubber roll brush.The advantage of the roll brush is that dust and hair are not involved.This has made Rumba body very easy.Rumba 643 has taken over the design a few years ago, so it is a bottleneck that it takes a little time for maintenance. "

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The garbage thrust of the rumba other than the flagship model, Rumba i7+, is a form of removing the dust container from the main unit and discarding the garbage directly.Rumba i7+changed that.The home base for charging is a clean bass (automatic garbage collection machine), and the cleaning is completed and charged, and the dust container of the rumba body is automatically discharged into the sealed paper pack in the clean base.The clean base can store 30 cups of garbage on the Rumba body, so there is no need to throw away the trash.If garbage accumulates in the clean -based paper pack, it is OK if you throw it in the trash can, and the range that Rumba will do automatically is expanding.

● Mr. Toida's advice

"I just mentioned the point of choosing a Rumba model of how much you want to eliminate the trouble of cleaning. If you are troublesome even if you throw away the garbage every time, the highest model Rumba i7+is recommended.

I thought I would throw away the garbage myself ... but when I actually used Rumba i7+, I was more convenient than I imagined!You can forget the cleaning for a while until the garbage is for 30 cups of garbage in the main unit.The garbage accumulated on the clean base fits in a sealed paper pack, and when pulled out, the mouth of the paper pack is closed.It is clean without dusting when throwing away the garbage. "(Mr. Toida)

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In fact, unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners, Mr. Toida gave me advice that there are items that do not have to be so important in Rumba.

"If you are a normal codeless cleaner, the charging time and the maximum operating time are very important numbers, but you don't have to worry too much about Rumba. Rumba will return to the home base and charge it.I do not forget to charge it. Also, because it is made based on a wide US house, there is no excessive worry about operating time to clean the general room in Japan.The return rate to the base is considerable. There have been few cases where you actually used it and exhausted.

Another thing, there is no problem if the suction power, which is often regarded in a regular vacuum cleaner, is not nervous when choosing a rumba model.Certainly, the suction power of the highest Rumba i7 series has been announced 10 times that of Rumba 643.That said, maybe I used Rumba 643 enough to suck garbage and dust.

Many canisters and cordless vacuum cleaners are selected at first with emphasis on suction power, but when healing after use, it is often dissatisfied with usability, such as "it was troublesome to throw away the trash" or "it was heavy and difficult to use".I will be asked.The suction power is also important, but it can be said that you will not regret choosing it even more convenient.Strictly speaking, there is a difference between each model, but I don't think it's so dissatisfied. "(Mr. Toida)

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Introducing the models of Rumba that you can buy now!

Part 1

Rumba 643

A standard model with a basic cleaning function released in August 2018.It is a 600 -series model that has been developed since 2014.Equipped with "High -speed response process IADAPT", the same point is cleaning several times from various angles while running randomly throughout the room.Rotate the dust with the edge cleaning brush that rotates and stirs dust at the corner of the wall and the corner of the room, two hair brushes that collect garbage in the center of the main unit, and the "three -step cleaning system" by sucking into the fine house dust.increase.It does not support Wi-Fi.

● Mr. Toida's advice

「Rumba 643は1人暮らし、カップルで生活している人向け。マンションの1LDKなど、部屋数の少ない家に住んでいる方におすすめです。価格も税抜2万9800円と非常に安くなっていて、初めてルンバを買う人にも手が届きやすい機種です。ロボット掃除機が役に立つか否か、その実力を試したい人、既に使っていてもう1台ほかの部屋にルンバが欲しい人に適しています。結婚祝い、引っ越し祝いにも手ごろですね。ただし、600シリーズはほとんどの部分で上位機種に比べて機能が劣るので、そこは考慮に入れておいて下さい」(戸井田さん)

●Rumba 643の性能チェック

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Part 2

Rumba E5

Rumba E5 Irobot Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wash Dust Box Powerful suction power WiFi compatible remote control automatic...

39,800円(03/24 02:54時点)

Amazon Rakuten Ichiba


2018年10月に従来のハイエンドモデル・800シリーズに代わる新シリーズとして発売された機種。ゴム製のデュアルアクションブラシがフローリングやカーペットなどさまざまな床にピッタリと密着する「真空エアフロー構造」と、小型ながらパワフルなハイパワーモーターユニットで、細かいチリも確実に取り除きます。吸引力はRumba 643の約5倍。制御プログラムはランダム走行の「高速応答プロセス iAdapt」ですが、最大稼動時間が約90分と長くなり、電池切れの心配が少なくなっています。Wi-Fi対応でスマホアプリ「iRobot HOME アプリ」やスマートスピーカーとの連携も可能。また、ダスト容器を丸ごと水洗いできるのも便利です。

● Mr. Toida's advice

「Rumba E5は『迷ったら買え!』と強く推せるほどコスパが優秀な機種です。2人暮らしのカップルでも、ファミリー世帯でも十分に活躍してくれる性能を持っています。ルンバ本来の良さを試したいなら、Rumba 643よりも少しお金を出してRumba E5にしたほうが、上位機種とさほど見劣りしない能力なのでおすすめです。ただし、複数の部屋を一気に掃除することはできないので、豪邸や広い家に住んでいるなら上位機種のほうがいいですね。リビング、寝室とあと一部屋くらい掃除してくれればいいよという人はRumba E5で決まり!」(戸井田さん)

●Rumba E5の性能チェック

Part 3

Rumba 960

Rumba 960 アイロボット ロボット掃除機 カメラセンサー カーペット 畳 段差乗り越え wifi対応 自動充電・...

41,407円(03/24 02:54時点)

Amazon Rakuten Ichiba


The low -cost version of the flagship model Rumba 980 at the time released in August 2016."IADAPT 2" that makes full use of the camera and floor tracking sensor.0 ビジュアルローカリゼーション」を搭載し、ルンバ自身が今どこにいるのか、部屋のどの場所が清掃されていないのかを高精度に判断します。清掃できる面積は最大112畳。吸引力はRumba 643の約5倍。最大75分の稼働時間内なら清掃可能な部屋数に制限はありません。バッテリーが切れそうになりホームベースに戻って充電したあと、元の場所へ移動し掃除を続ける自動再開機能も搭載されています。

● Mr. Toida's advice

「Rumba 960は、大きな一戸建てや広いマンションに住み、複数の部屋を一度に掃除したい人向けです。Rumba 960より上の機種は本格的なファミリー向けとなります。最新のRumba i7シリーズではない分、価格は少し抑えめでお得感がありますね。Rumba 960の何が優れているかというと、『iAdapt 2.0 Visual localization is installed, and the quality of cleaning is improved.Compared to the basic "IADAPT", it moves properly and covers the entire room, so you can feel it is cleaned every corner.Unfortunately, I don't remember the floor plan of each room, but it's perfect for those who want to clean all rooms every day. "

●Rumba 960の性能チェック

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Part 4

Rumba i7

The basic model of the i7 series, the top model replacing the 900 series, released in February 2019.The new technology "IADAPT 3) is" IADAPT 3.0 ビジュアルローカリゼーション」を採用。部屋の間取りや家具の配置を学習して記憶・認識する「Imprintスマートマッピング」で、最大10の異なるフロアマップ(間取り図)を作成・記憶します。記憶した各部屋は「キッチン」「リビング」など名前をつけて、清掃場所・掃除スケジュールを細かく設定することが可能。吸引力はRumba 643の約10倍。ダスト容器は外して丸ごと水洗いできます。

● Mr. Toida's advice

「Rumba i7は2階建て以上の戸建て世帯向けです。Rumba i7は間取りを覚えてくれるので、寝室だけ、洗面所だけといった細かい清掃の指令を出せます。どの部屋をいつ掃除するか、スケジュールをカスタマイズしたい人はRumba i7がオススメです。Rumba 960は部屋全体のマッピングはしますが、ホームベースに戻るたび毎回忘れてしまいます。一方、Rumba i7はたとえば3階から1階に持っていっても、少し動いた時点で『今日は1階』と認識します。この頭脳レベルの高さが掃除の効率にもつながっています。『間取りを覚える』という機能は一見簡単に思えますが、ルンバにとっては画期的な進歩。部屋ごとに掃除を管理できるメリットは絶大で、いよいよ『学習して自分で行動するロボット』が家庭で活躍する時代が到来したことを感じさせてくれます」(戸井田さん)

●Rumba i7の性能チェック

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Part 5

Rumba i7+

Rumba i7+ Irobot robot vacuum cleaner Automatic garbage collection Dust box that can be washed Wifi compatible smart ma...

Amazon Rakuten Ichiba


2019年3月に発売された「i7シリーズ」の最上位モデル。本体の基本性能はRumba i7と同じですが、充電ステーションを兼ねたクリーンベース(自動ゴミ収集機)が付属します。掃除が完了してルンバがベースに戻ってくると、ルンバ本体のダスト容器からゴミを吸い取り、自動でクリーンベース内の紙パックにゴミを蓄積。紙パックにはダスト容器の30杯分のゴミが入るので、数週間以上はゴミ捨ての必要がありません。クリーンベースのサイズは奥行き39×幅31×高さ49cm。

● Mr. Toida's advice

「Rumba i7+は、とにかく掃除が嫌いな人向け(笑)。1ヵ月掃除について考えなくていいのが素晴らしいですね。 クリーンベースに戻ると『ブォォォォーー』と大きな音でゴミを吸引するのが気になりますが、それを差し引いてもメリットは絶大です。クリーンベースのサイズ的に、『これは大きすぎて邪魔なのでは?』と懸念していましたが、実際には本体と一体化して支柱のように立っているスタイルなので、壁際に設置すればそれほど気になりません。テーブルの下にもギリギリ入る大きさです。とはいえ、今まで家具の下スペースにルンバを置いていた人にとっては、ボリュームを感じるかも。まずは置き場所の検討を!」(戸井田さん)

●Rumba i7の性能チェック

あなたへのおすすめ機種が一目瞭然! Rumba current model comparison table

( *) Example of notation

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