Dyson's robot vacuum cleaner "360 HEURIST" costs about 120,000, but it's definitely good -understand the position with a 360 -degree camera, and the exhaust is beautiful.

Dyson, who boasts a high share of luxury cordless vacuum cleaners, has announced a new robot vacuum cleaner.The upcoming robot vacuum cleaner will remember the layout of the room and clean it in a dark room.It is said that the driving mode can be switched for each room.Let's take a closer look.

It was in 2015 that Dyson announced the first robot vacuum cleaner "Dyson 360 Eye".After more than three years, the Dyson 360 HEURIST (hereinafter Dyson 360 Hulist) was fully announced.The official online store has already started sales, and will be released at mass retailers on March 19th.The price of the official online store is 118,800 yen (tax included).

Dyson has the idea that the robot vacuum cleaner should have a good cleaning performance as the name "vacuum cleaner" is attached.Dyson 360 Hulist also says that there are three commitments on the functions as a vacuum cleaner.

Three points that Dyson focused on

The first is the "Digital Motor V2", the motor of the heart.Dyson's senior design engineer James Carswell was confident that it achieved up to 78,000 revolutions per minute and was four times the other robot vacuum cleaner.

The second is cyclone technology and sealing.Speaking of Dyson, it is a cyclone, and Dyson 360 Hulist also has cyclone technology.The "Radial Root Cyclone" technology, which is also used in Dyson's chordless cleaner, distinguishs garbage and fine dust from air.Furthermore, with a high -performance filter and a highly sealed body design, 0.3 micron fine particles are also 99.It is called 97%.It is also characteristic that the exhaust is very beautiful.

The third is a brush.Dyson 360 Hurist's brush is provided in the width of the main unit so that it can be removed efficiently.It is equipped with two types: a hard nylon brush that stirs the garbage that has entered the carpet and a carbon fiber brush that captures fine garbage on the flooring.

ダイソンのロボット掃除機「360 Heurist」は約12万するけど、確かにいい - 360度カメラで位置を把握、排気もキレイ

If you don't know your place, you can't clean it beautifully

The "Intelligent SLAM Vision System" is important to demonstrate the original performance of the vacuum cleaner.

Dyson 360 Hulist has a "panoramic lens" that looks over 360 degrees around himself, "Panorama lens", a "long -distance mapping sensor" that recognizes up to 2m, and a "obstacle sensor" that detects obstacles, and walls.It has a built -in "wall melee sensor" that guides the main unit near the furniture and assists cleaning, and a "step sensor" that recognizes steps.In addition, we also have 8 LED lights that glow when it darkens, and aluminum "camera mount" that can withstand 60 kg loads.These navigation systems are summarized and are called the "Intelligent SLAM Vision System".

1.Built -in 4GHz quad -core processor, short -term memory is 8 times and long -term memory is 32 times.You can handle 20 times data compared to the previous model.Analyze the image taken by the camera to create and save the map of the room.You can save multiple room maps.By consolidating these map information and the data of the acquired sensor while cleaning, you can understand where the Dyson 360 hulist is cleaning in the room now and clean it efficiently.

[Note] Audio flows.I am cleaning up to the last minute of items on the floor, such as cushions and boxes.

"With a software update function, it can grow for a long time," said James Carswell.It is a high -priced product of 118,800 yen (tax included), so it is nice to be able to use it for a long time due to software update.

It is good to be able to set a driving mode for each room!

If you use the smartphone app "Dyson Link", you can specify the border between the room and the room from the app map.The interesting thing is that you can set the operation mode for each room.The kitchen that is easy to get dirty is driven in strong mode, and the living room that does not get so dirty can be switched to normal mode.By the way, there are three driving modes: quiet mode, normal mode, and strong mode.

If you leave cleaning to the robot vacuum cleaner, you may be worried, "Is it really beautiful?"However, if you have a Dyson 360 hulist, you can decide the driving mode from the app according to the dirt condition, so you can feel the satisfaction of cleaning yourself using a vacuum cleaner.Is these detailed consideration a vacuum cleaner manufacturer?

[Note] Audio flows.The living room and the kitchen were separated on the application and the driving mode was changed.Can you see the sound changes?

One of the technology is tightly clogged

The charging time is about 2 hours and 45 minutes, and the operation time is about 75 minutes.The body size is W240 x H120 x D240mm, weighs 2.51kg.Although it is a Dyson 360 hulist with excellent technology such as sensors, cameras, and processors, the operation method is very simple and basically presses the switch on the main unit.It is OK with one touch.

If it is a high -priced robot vacuum cleaner, the height of the Rumba 900 series is 9.2cm, Panasonic's Luro (MC-RS810) 9.Note that Dyson 360 Hurist is 12cm tall, while it is 2cm.Dyson 360 hulists may hit you to put in other robot vacuum cleaners.

If you are a home that cleans dirt under beds and furniture with mop, there will be no problem.A robot vacuum cleaner made by a vacuum cleaner manufacturer.You can use it yourself, or for newly built celebration and family moving celebration.