Effective household appliances manufacturer Mask in the 6th wave of Corona


 コロナ第6波に有効 家電メーカー製マスクが凄いワケ

On January 16, 2020, a new Coronavirus infected person was confirmed in Japan.Since then, the world has been involved in corona evil and has become a difficult fuss.The first missing supplies are masks.In Japan, the so -called "Abeno Mask" of government distribution has appeared as a struggle, but when the story is revealed, it is too poor for those who have experienced business.This time, we will explore the business relationship from the "mask" produced by the home appliance manufacturer and overcoming the crisis of Corona and the business.

Is your eyes different? Sharp

In early 2020, when the mask was deficient, the Japanese government decided to subsidize both a new and increased production manufacturer for masks.However, short -term delivery was a must.In response to it, Sharp, a former LCD TV, stood.When a home appliance manufacturer launches a product, "investment" is the same, but "raw materials", "production lines", "quality control", and "sales channels" are required.For example, "sales channel".It is not a mask, but it is said that how long it takes when a Chinese manufacturer sells television in Japan.If you don't spend time, you won't get the "trust" you need at the time of sale.Sharp has started research in early February 2020 and decided to produce a mask on the 28th of the same month.And in the middle of March, I rowed for shipment.Short term is short -term.Sharp says that the biggest reason in the short term was because there was a clean room for LCD panel production.The mask tailor the roll of the non -woven fabric into the mask with a processing machine.Cut out a non -woven cloth for one mask, fold it, etc., and ultrasonic weld.Ultrasonic weld with ear string.Check the quality, and if there is no problem, you will get one.The processing machine is installed in a clean room without dust.This clean room and the building itself are best, but if not, a special room will be set up in the building.It takes time and effort, such as filtering the air air and installing an air shower so that dust does not enter.Generally, it takes several months.Sharp has saved this time by having a clean room.However, it still takes time to obtain, install, and launch equipment, and first, Sharp itself has never made a mask and has no specialists.