Consumer electronics ASCII Rumba Serious price cut Up to 20,000 yen cheaper

On October 8, iRobot Japan announced price cuts for the standard model "Rumba e5" and "Rumba i3" series. Rumba e5 is 39,800 yen with a discount of 10,000 yen, Rumba i3 is 49,800 yen with a discount of 20,000 yen, and Rumba i3 + with an automatic garbage collector "Clean Base" is also 20,000 yen with a discount of 79,800 yen. increase.

The Roomba e5 released in 2018 is iRobot's best-selling model. Adopting a rubber dual action brush and a washable dust cup, the suction power is 5 times that of the entry model "Rumba 671".

The Roomba i3 released in 2021 is the latest standard model of iRobot. Equipped with a floor tracking sensor, you can clean while grasping the space in the room. The top plate is a cute fabric style.

Rumba i3+ is a model that has a clean base that automatically collects garbage, eliminating the need for garbage disposal for about half a year. The price is competitive compared to competitors who are developing models with a clean base.

Although none of the three models are equipped with a camera sensor and do not have advanced mapping functions or object recognition functions, they are popular models with standard functions of Roomba. The person in charge of Rumba also says that it is "serious", quite a drastic price cut. In the background, there was the presence of Chinese manufacturers that have recently been strengthening their influence.

Home appliances ASCII Rumba Serious price reduction Max 2 10,000 yen cheaper

If you look for robot vacuum cleaners on the Internet today, you will find cheap ones in the 10,000 yen range, and even advanced models with laser sensors in the 30,000 yen range (for details, please see our special feature on cheap robot vacuum cleaners). There are many Chinese emerging manufacturers, and those whose names are heard for the first time have won a large number of stars.

In iRobot, ``a situation where competing (mainly Chinese) players change over and over'' is ``not a very happy situation for consumers,'' and ``a cheap or bad robot vacuum cleaner. I want to revamp the image of customers who have bought it, ”he explained the reason for making the decision.

In addition, iRobot aims to achieve a household penetration rate of 10% of robot vacuum cleaners by 2023 (6.7% as of 2020), and it seems that there is also a desire to expand the user base through price reductions.

Irobot has launched a new slogan, "Make your life more like you," at the time of the price reduction. As someone who gets help from robots every day, I completely agree. If you haven't made your robot debut yet, take advantage of the price reduction to compare various models.

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